Periodontal and Oral Cancer Screening

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontitis is a gum disease that is caused by bacteria eating away at the gum tissues and infecting space around the tooth. This causes a large pocket that can make the tooth eventually fall out. A person should never wait until a tooth falls out before addressing the development of periodontitis. An early diagnosis of the disease can lead to a faster and easier recovery.

Regular dentist visits can help show the early signs of gum disease. Some symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums, tender and swollen gums, a redness that does not fade, unshakable bad breath, bad taste, loose permanent teeth, wider spaces between teeth and gum, and changes in your bite. We evaluate all patients during their exams. We do this by using visual intraoral examinations, measuring with periodontal probes, and radio graphs.

Early discovery can lead to better treatment. Come see Dr.  Nguyen and get screened for gum disease and oral cancer now.